Cosmic Psych Pop

From ancient mysticism to modern science, outer space has been a source of awe and wonder for as long as the human race has existed. It's no surprise that mere mortals continue to delve into the mysteries of the celestial bodies and the insurmountable distances that surround them. The Minneapolis quintet, Sun Gods to Gamma Rays, is certainly no exception. If their name isn't sufficient evidence of their otherworldly inspirations, one listen will be enough to persuade.

Upon forming in 2013, this diverse group of musicians quickly bonded and got to work on their first EP, The Water, The Wave. This release was written, recorded, and mixed in their practice space with very little outside influence, allowing them to craft and refine their signature sound. Unleashed a mere 10 months after the first songwriting sessions, The Water, The Wave quickly caught the attention of many critics and fans. Andrea Swensson of The Current called them, “some of the best up-and-coming indie rock the metro area has to offer,” and The City Pages blog, Gimme Noise listed Sun Gods to Gamma Rays as one of the “10 Twin Cities music acts who deserve to be famous.”

The line-up of Sun Gods to Gamma Rays consists of Mitch Miller on drums, Brian Gollnick on bass, Paul Flynn on guitar, Peter Bregman on rhodes, and Brianna Kocka on vocals. Despite their extremely varied musical backgrounds and influences, this up and coming band has seamlessly incorporated themselves into one cohesive unit. Drawing from rock, pop, r&b, psychedelia, downtempo, and dub, the result is something comforting and familiar without sounding cliché. Any avid music listener will hear hints of Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Portishead, London Grammar, and The Local Natives.

Wasting no time, Sun Gods to Gamma Rays set out writing their first full-length album only two months after their EP was released in November 2013. From start to finish, A Ghost To Find was conceptualized, rehearsed, and recorded in seven months. This time, they chose to collaborate with engineer and producer Joe Mabbott [in June of 2014 at Hideaway Studios], whose credits include Snoop Dogg, Atmosphere, Dessa, and The Cloak Ox, among many other notable acts.

In the midst of writing and recording A Ghost To Find, Sun Gods to Gamma Rays employed their favorite local DJs and electronic musicians to remix The Water, The Wave [released July 2014]. This was done with the help of Grant Cutler (Lookbook, Weird Visions), Makr (Marijuana Deathsquads, Votel), Paper Tiger (Doomtree), Graham O’Brien (No Bird Sing, Moon & Pollution) and their own Brian Gollnick (DJ Plosives).

The band’s new album, A Ghost To Find, is a huge step forward for this young band, and only a taste of what's to come.