What I've Been Listening To Lately

I've been singing since I can remember. I learned piano and guitar around age 12, was in musical theater most of my young life, and have a very musical and artistic family. Art has always been a part of my life. However, I grew up in an evangelical home, and most of what I chose to listen to was Christian worship music. It was pretty cutting edge compared to most music in the genre, but I didn't encounter much in the way of popular music. Now, being a 27 year old woman who doesn't listen to or participate in faith-based music any longer, I feel like I am constantly having to play catch up. I grew up writing my own pop songs, but didn't have much of a memory bank to refer to.

Luckily, I was introduced to Rdio. Similar to Spotify or other online music streamers (but way better, in my opinion), I have been given to keys to enter into listening to music new and old, something I missed out on as a young(er) person. This has been a really fun opportunity because I am discovering music I just totally missed out on as a kid. Here are a few artists that I've been tuning into lately. And sorry, they're all over the map. 

That's probably enough for today. Enjoy.