Flyway, Daytrotter and Free Shit

We're leaving tomorrow for our second "Two Fit Tour" (we drive in two Honda Fit's instead of one big tour van) to head to Pepin, Wisconsin to play the Flyway Film Festival Gala. It's at a winery and is sure to be super fancy, so I plan on wearing fancy Sven clogs to mark the occasion. I'm sure you wanted to know that. 

After FAF we're heading to Daytrotter to record some of the tunes on our up and coming record, so that people like you can hear them in a new light. (If you haven't pre-ordered the album yet, do so here.) Daytrotter is super cool for little bands like us because it gives us the opportunity to connect with people looking for new music. Of course not everyone likes our style, but we hope we can extend our reach a bit. And for like $30 a year, a Daytrotter subscription is a steal. 

Finally, free shit. Our best budz over at The Celebrity Cafe are giving away two free copies of A Ghost to Find. Sign up for it here, and if you win we—the band—will be sending it to you personally! How about that? 

Peace out, babes.