"Led by Brianna Kocka’s remarkable voice, this first LP rewires psyche-rock and dream-pop ideas into a downtempo, rhythmic and groove based affair that defies easy classification and warrants repeated listens. ★★★★✩"

New Noise Magazine (Jan 4, 2015)


l'etoile Magazine lists A Ghost To Find in the 'Year End Local Top Ten' list. "I know so many people who would adore this record, and I want every single one of ‘em to buy it and give it a shot if they haven’t already. Be prepared to fall in love."

l'etoile Magazine (Dec 31, 2014)


A Ghost To Find comes in at #39 on 89.3 The Current's Top 89 Local Songs of 2014.

The Current (89.3 FM) (Dec 29, 2014)


Sun Gods to Gamma Rays records an episode for Daytrotter. (Nov 20, 2014)


"The debut full-length from Minneapolis quintet Sun Gods to Gamma Rays displays the effortless playing and songwriting of a young band in its prime, offering 10 tracks of downtempo, spacey rock music that falls somewhere between Zero 7’s breezy trip-hop and Elysian Fields’ crunchy dream-pop. Anchored by the breathy, ethereal voice of Brianna Kocka, A Ghost To Find is equal parts sexy (“Make It Last”), dramatic (“Funeral Drum”), chilling (“Prism Light”), menacing (“The Darkest Part”) and just plain terrific. ★★★★✩ "

VegasSeven (Nov 11, 2014)


"Could easily be this generation’s Mazzy Star."

InForty.com (Nov 10, 2014)


"Following their lush, groove-heavy debut EP, The Water, The Wave, Sun Gods to Gamma Rays return with the dream-pop drenched full-length A Ghost to Find. The Minneapolis quintet's textured, ethereal sound is rich with subdued, trip-hop beats that float hypnotically underneath the sumptuous, soulful vocals of Brianna Kocka."

City Pages (Nov 7, 2014)


"The song’s sensual groove is a perfect marriage to Kocka’s vocals. Together they form an ethereal yet substantive track that’s indicative of more to come."

Pop Matters (Oct 9, 2014)


The Water, The Wave makes l'etoile Magazine's list of Top 10 Local Releases in 2013

l'etoile Magazine (Dec 18, 2013)


Sun Gods to Gamma Rays makes City Pages blog, "Gimme Noise," list of "10 Twin Cities music acts who deserve to be famous."

Gimme Noise (City Pages) (Nov 18, 2013)


"Rise, Ascend" is picked as Radio K's Track of the Day.

Radio K (100.7 FM & 104.5 FM) (Nov 15, 2013)


"Minneapolis band Sun Gods to Gamma Rays have hatched upon a trippy new sound, and impressive one at that. Their new EP The Water, The Wave brings to mind early Mazzy Star mixed with Air. The first single "Burn Me Through" takes you on an astral journey, leaving you in that space of consciousness you find in the moments right before falling asleep."

Gimme Noise (City Pages) (Oct 29, 2013)


"This is a young band to keep your eyes on."

The Current (89.3 FM) (Jun 6, 2013)