As a music lover, reading music reviews, you discover that the meaning of music is seen as a language – a wordless universal language – that you need to listen to carefully to pick up its true hidden meaning which can touch us deeply, and that even an infant will respond to.

Meaning of Music Lyrics – is it Inspiration?

The term ‘meaning of music lyrics’ covers many things – from music that has been passed down through the ages to music that expresses what the 21st century is about. Many listeners can’t be blamed for wondering about the lyrics – where do the ideas that the composer invents come from? Some lyrics are simple such as Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven – lyrics inspired by the death of his 4-year-old son, while other lyrics are more abstract and have you wondering. Your relationship with music is determined by what appeals you and most people just want simple songs that talk to them.

The meaning of music in life describes the way music plays a role in our emotional, social and spiritual lives. Music provides people with the means to develop their self-identity – the music people listen to is something of who they are. You will find many older people holding on to the awesome music of the 50s, 60s and 70s. They do not want to listen to anything else as music from that time represented something of who they were and the magical times they lived through. Music from that time is a part of their identity, if it may be said so.

Meaning of Music – it Caters for Loneliness

A life without music- unbearable for sure. Meaning of music is extraordinary – a popular song unites people and knowing that everyone is listening gives one a feeling of being linked, helping to banish feelings of loneliness and isolation. Just listening to Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘A Heart in New York’ is enough to feel united in the Big Apple. The more we learn about music like this, the more we appreciate the many musicians who have brought us their talents and memories.

True meaning of music is profound